Empire Rock Creek See Through Ventless Gas Log Set


Fuel * 

Natural Gas or Propane

Burner size * 

You can get the 18″,24″,or 30″ burner.

Included logs * 

You must select the log set that corresponds to your burner size.


Intermittent or miliivolt


The Empire Rock Creek See Through Ventless Gas Log Set is the perfect addition to any multi-sided ventless fireplace set up! This ventless log set, also known as vent-free, is designed to draw air for combustion from the room around it and burn at a 99.9% efficiency. This means that your fireplace can not only be environmentally-friendly, but it also requires no expensive venting systems to install it! Each log is hand-painted by artists at Empire to give a unique realism and natural appearance to your fire.

The Slope Glaze burner unit can utilize either a millivolt or intermittent pilot based on your preferences. A millivolt system maintains a standing, or continuous, pilot much like older home furnaces. An intermittent pilot ignition system, or IPI, will light the pilot only when needed to ignite the flames and then the pilot will shut off when it is no longer needed. This means that a millivolt system will use slightly more fuel that an IPI. Empire IPI systems come standard with a thermostatic variable remote control while a remote would need to be added to a millivolt system. Whichever system you choose to utilize, you can be confident that it is designed with the care and quality that Empire is famous for!


  • Available in 18 inch, 24 inch, and 30 inch sets
  • Hand-painted logs
  • Constructed from ceramic fiber
  • Material: Refractory Ceramic
  • Type: Gas Log Set | See-Through
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Log Set Width: 18″ | 24″ | 30″
  • Overall Width: 18″ | 24″ | 30″
  • Heat Output: 36,000 BTUs | 38,000 BTUs | 40,000 BTUs
  • Ignition: Intermittent Ignition | Millivolt
  • Certification: ANSI Certified | CSA Certified
  • Item Weight: 82 lbs. | 101 lbs. | 115 lbs.
  • Venting Type: Ventless


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