American Fyre Designs Mariposa Outdoor Fireplace


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• Modularly constructed as easy-to-
assemble components
• Exterior may be recessed to
accommodate field cladding in tile,
stone or other veneer
• Most fireplaces available as Vented or
• All Vent-Free fireplaces are blocked at
the top and throat of the firebox
• All Fireplaces include herringbone
firebox liners

Fireplace Color *

Select your Fireplace Color

Hearth Style *

Select your Hearth Style

Recess Option *

Select your Optional Recess Option

Gas Shut Off Location *

Select your Gas Shut Off & Line Location

Vent Free Burning Display *

Select your Vent Free Burning Display

American Fyre Designs Small Scroll Screen

Spark screen
Scroll top design
Fits inside the firebox

American Fyre Designs Mariposa Chimney Rain Vent Cap

Select a color to match your fireplace unit
Will fit on top of the chimney opening
Prevents water/snow from entering the chimney

American Fyre Designs Phoenix/Mariposa Protector Plate

Select a color to match your fireplace unit
Will fit the firebox opening
Protects the firebox from winter weather conditions


View Product PDF Here